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Private Foundation Grants

Private Foundation Grants Orientation

Foundation grants are Free Cash Grants generally issued by grant-making institutions to the general public for specific needs.

Why would an institution issue grants to individuals or groups? To better the community, a specific cause or to improve life for people in general. Many foundations have been set up by individuals (both living and deceased) to promote the causes of grantor. Some have been set up as charitable memorials to great people. Others have been set up by companies and other institutions to promote different areas of interest. Whatever the foundation makeup, grant-making foundations are required to grant specific percentages of their assets each year to maintain non-profit status.

Unlike banks, Foundations don't care if you have declared bankrutcy, have bad credit history and don't have a job. As long as you can demonstrate need and meet the requirements of the program, you can apply to the grant program. Apply to as many programs as possible and don't get discouraged if you are turned down. Persistence and patience will pay dividends.

We have categorized the premier and most popular grant making agencies by name and by category in the quicklinks section.



Private Foundation Links


Abell Foundation, Inc., The (MD)

Abell-Hanger Foundation (TX)

Abington Foundation (OH)

Able Trust, The (FL)

Abney Foundation, The (SC)

Abreu Foundation, Francis L. (GA)

Achelis Foundation, The (NY)*

Ackerman Foundation, Thomas C.,(CA)

Acorn Foundation (CA)

Ahrens Foundation, Claude W. and Dolly (IA)

Albertson Foundation, J.A. and Kathryn, The (ID)

Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation (MD)

Allen Charitable Foundation,Paul G., The (WA)

Allen Forest Protection Foundation, Paul G., The (WA)

Allen Foundation for Medical Research, Paul G. (WA)

Allen Foundation for the Arts, The (WA)

Allen Virtual Education Foundation, Paul G., The (WA)

Allen Foundation, Inc. (MI)

Alliance Healthcare Foundation (CA)

Alpert Foundation, Herb, The (CA)

Altman Foundation (NY)*

Altman Foundation, Jenifer(CA)

Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles (CA)

Amazon Foundation (AZ)

American Legacy Foundation (DC)

Amerind Foundation, Inc., The (AZ)

Amy Foundation (MI)

Andersen Foundation, Hugh J. The (MN)

Angelica Foundation (CA)

Angels on Track Foundation, The (OH)

Animal Welfare Trust (NY)*

Annenberg Foundation, The (PA)

Anonymous Supporting Foundation, Inc. of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta (AL)*

Appelbaum Foundation, Ben, The (NY)

Arca Foundation, The (DC)*

Archstone Foundation (CA)

Arcus Foundation (MI)

Armstrong Foundation, Ethel Louise (CA)

Arsalyn Foundation (CA)

Asbury-Warren Foundation, The (GA)

Atlanta Foundation, The (GA)

Auchincloss Foundation Inc., Lily (NY)

Augur Family Foundation, Marilyn, The (TX)*

Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation (OH) *


Babcock Foundation, Inc., Mary Reynolds (NC)

Bader Foundation, Inc., Helen (WI)

Bagnoud Foundation, Francois-Xavier, The (NY)

Banks Family Foundation (CA)

Baptist Community Ministries of New Orleans (LA)

Barr Family Endowment Trust, The (WI)*

Barth Foundation, William E. (KY)

Bartol Foundation, Stockton Rush (PA)

Bass Foundation, Lee and Ramona (TX)

Bayer Institute for Health Care Communication, The (CT)

Bayport Foundation, The (MN)

Beaird Foundation, Charles T. (LA)

Beckman Foundation, Arnold and Mabel (CA)

Beim Foundation, The (MN)

Beldon Fund (DC)

Bell Foundation, James Ford, The (MN)

Benedum Foundation, Claude

Worthington, The (PA)

Benton Foundation (DC)

Berger Foundation, H.N. & Frances (CA)

Bernsen Foundation, Grace and Franklin, The (OK)

Beveridge Foundation, Inc., Frank Stanley, The (FL)

Bigelow Foundation, F. R.(MN)

Bingham Foundation, William, The (OH)*

Birmingham Foundation (PA)

Blakemore Foundation (WA)

Blandin Foundation, The (MN)

Blank Family Foundation, Arthur M., The (GA)

Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation, The (IL)*

Bodman Foundation, The (NY)*

Boehm Foundation, The (NY)

Boettcher Foundation (CO)

Bogliasco Foundation, Inc., The (NY)

Bohnett Foundation, David, The (CA)

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation (CO)

Bonner Foundation, Corella & Bertram F., The (NJ)

Borden Foundation, Mary Owen, The (NJ)*

Bothin Foundation, The (CA)

Bowne Foundation, Inc., Robert, The (NY)*

Brackett Foundation, The (NY)

Bradley Foundation, Inc., Lynde and Harry, The (WI)

Brainerd Foundation, The (WA)

Braitmayer Foundation, The (CT)

Branan Foundation, Mary Allen Lindsey (GA)

Bremer Foundation, Otto (MN)*

Brentwood Foundation (OH)

Bright Mountain Foundation, The (CO)*

Broad Foundation, The (CA)

Brookdale Foundation, The (NY)

Brown Foundation, Inc., James Graham (KY)

Brown Foundation, George Warren (MO)

Bruner Foundation, Inc. (MA)

Buck Foundation, Frank H. and Eva B. (CA)

Buell Foundation, Temple Hoyne (CO)

Bullitt Foundation, The (WA)

Burnham Charitable Trust, Margaret E. (ME)

Burning Foundation (WA) *

Burroughs Wellcome Fund (NC)

Bush Charitable Foundation, Inc., Edyth (FL)*

Bush Foundation, The (MN)

Byerly Foundation (SC)


Cafritz Foundation, Morris and Gwendolyn, The (DC)

Calder Foundation, Louis, The (NY)

California Endowment, The (CA)

California Masonic Foundation (CA)

California Wellness Foundation, The (CA)

Camp Foundation, Wofford B. & Louise P. (CA)

Campbell Foundation, The (FL)

Campbell Foundation, James & Abigail (HI)

Cantor Foundation, Iris & B. Gerald (CA)

Captain Planet Foundation, Inc. (GA)

CarEth Foundation (MA)

CARLISLE Foundation (MA)

Carnegie Corporation of New York (NY)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (DC)

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, The (CA)

Carnegie Hero Fund Commission (PA)

Carr Fund, Kristen Ann, The (NY)

Carthage Foundation, The (PA)

Carver Charitable Trust, Roy J. (IA)

Cary Charitable Trust, Mary Flagler (NY)

Casey Family Program, The (WA)

Casey Foundation, Annie E., The (MD)

Castle Foundation, Harold K. L. (HI)

Castle Foundation, Samuel N. and Mary (HI)*

C.A.W. Foundation, The (CA)

Century Foundation, The (NY)

Ceres Foundation, The (CA)*

Champlin Foundations, The (RI) *

Charlotte Martin Foundation (WA)

Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for

International Scholarly Exchange (VA)

Chiesman Foundation for Democracy, Inc. (SD)

Christensen Fund, The (CA)

CINTAS Foundation, The (NY)

Clark Foundation, Edna McConnell, The (NY)*

Clark Foundation, Inc., Robert Sterling (NY)*

Clipper Ship Foundation, Inc. (MA)

Cloud Foundation, The (MA)

Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research, Lynne (CA)

Coleman Foundation, Inc., The (IL)

Collins Foundation, The (OR)

Colorado Trust, The (CO)

Columbia Foundation (CA)

Commonweal Foundation, Inc. (MD)

Commonwealth Fund, The (NY)

Community Technology Foundation of California (CA)

Compton Foundation, Inc. (CA)

Connelly Foundation (PA)

Conservation, Food & Health Foundation, Inc. (MA)

Cooper Foundation (NE)

Cooper Institute for Advanced Studies in Medicine and the Humanities, The (FL)

Copland Fund for Music, Inc., Aaron, The (NY)

Corman Foundation, Inc. (AL)

Cowell Foundation, S. H. (CA)

Cox Charitable Trust, Jessie B. (MA)

Crail-Johnson Foundation (CA)

Crotched Mountain Foundation (NH)

Cummings Foundation, Inc., Nathan, The (NY)


Dana Foundation, Inc., Charles A., The (NY)

Daniels Foundation, Lucy (PA)

Daughters of the Cincinnati (NY)*

Davidson Foundation, The (NV)

Davis Foundations, Arthur Vining, The (FL)

DeBenedictis Foundation, Robert N., The (NY)*

Decker Foundation, Dr. G. Clifford & Florence B. (NY)

Dekko Foundation, Inc., The (IN)

Delano Foundation Inc., Barbara, The (CA)

Delmas Foundation, Gladys Krieble, The (NY)

DENSO North America Foundation (MI)

di Rosa Foundation, Rene & Veronica, The (CA)

Dingwall Foundation, William Orr, The (CA)

DJ & T Foundation (CA)

Do Right Foundation (CA)

Dodge Foundation, Inc., Geraldine R. (NJ)

Donaghue Medical Research Foundation, Patrick and Catherine Weldon, The (CT)

Donnelley Foundation, Gaylord and Dorothy (IL)

Donner Foundation, Inc., William H., The (NY)

Dorot Foundation (RI)

Downing Foundation, J.C., The (CA)

Drachen Foundation (WA)

Dreyfus Foundation, Inc., Camille and Henry, The (NY)

Drown Foundation, Joseph (CA)

Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit

Management, Inc., Peter F., The (NY)

Dudley Foundation, The (WA)

Duke Charitable Foundation, Doris (NY) *

Duke Endowment, The (NC)

duPont Fund, Jessie Ball (FL)

Durfee Foundation, The (CA)

Dyer-Ives Foundation, The (MI)

Dykes, Jr. Foundation, D.L. (LA)

Dyson Foundation, The (NY)


Eagle Sky Foundation, Inc., The (CO)

Cyrus Eaton Foundation, The (OH)

Echoing Green Foundation (NY)

Edah, Inc. (NY)

Educational Foundation for America, The (CT)

Edwards Foundation, O.P. & W.E.,The (NY) *

El Pomar Foundation (CO)

Elkin Foundation, Nell Warren & William Simpson, The (GA)

Ellison Medical Foundation, The (MD)

Energy Foundation (CA)

Engineering Information Foundation (NY)

England Family Foundation, Inc., Lois & Richard (DC) *

English Memorial Fund, Florence C. and Harry L., The (GA)

Environmental Trust, The (CA)

Esquel Group Foundation, Inc. (DC)

A Fales Foundation Trust, The (WA) *

Fassino Foundation

Fels Fund, Samuel S. (PA)

Fetzer Institute (MI)

FHL Foundation, Inc. (NM)

Fields Pond Foundation, Inc. (MA)

Film Foundation, Inc., The (NY)

First Fruit Inc. (CA)

Fitzpatrick Foundation, The (CA)

Flinn Foundation, The (AZ)

Flintridge Foundation (CA)

Ford Family Foundation, The (OR)

Ford Foundation, The (NY)

Ford Foundation, Edward E., The (DC)

Fordham Foundation, Thomas B. (DC)

Fortune Family Foundation (WA)

Foundation for the Advancement of MesoAmerican Studies, Inc. (FL)

Foundation for Child Development (NY)

Foundation for Deep Ecology (CA)

Foundation for Hellenic Culture, Inc., The (NY)

Foundation for Microbiology (NY)

Foundation for Middle East Peace (DC)

Foundation for Seacoast Health (NH)

Foundation for the Future (WA)

Foundation of Faith (TN)

Fourjay Foundation, The (PA)

Fowler Memorial Foundation,

John Edward (DC)

Fox Foundation, William and Eva, The (NY)

Francis Families Foundation, The (MO

Freedom Forum, Inc. (VA)

Frey Foundation (MI)

Friedman-Klarreich Family Foundation, The (OH)

Frist Foundation, The (TN)

Fry Foundation, Lloyd A. (IL)

Fuld Health Trust, Helene (NY)

Fuller Foundation, Inc., The (NH)

Fund for Astrophysical Research (NY) *

Fund for the City of New York, Inc. (NY)

Fund for Nonviolence (CA) *


G&P Charitable Foundation, Inc., The (NY)

Gar Foundation, The (OH)

Gates Family Foundation (CO)

Gates Foundation, Bill and Melinda (WA)

Gellert Family Foundation, Fred (CA)*

Gellert Foundation, Carl Gellert and Celia Berta, The (CA)

General Service Foundation (CO)

George Foundation, The (TX)

George Family Foundation, The (MN)

Gerber Foundation, The (MI)

Gerbode Foundation, Wallace Alexander (CA) *

Getty Trust, J. Paul (CA)

Gibson Foundation, Addison H. (PA)

Gifford Charitable Corporation, Rosamund (NY)

Gilbert, Jr. Charitable Fund, Price (GA)

Gilbert Charitable Trust, Harry Bramhall, The (VA)*

Gill Foundation, The (CO)

Gilmore Foundation, Irving S. (MI)

Gimbel Foundation, Bernard F. and Alva B. (NY)

Glaser Family Foundation (WA)

Glazer Family Foundation (FL)

Gleitsman Foundation, The (CA)

Glenn Foundation for Medical Research, Inc., Paul F. (CA)

Goizueta Foundation (GA)

Golden Rule Foundation, Inc., The (TX)

Goldman Environmental Foundation (CA)

Goldman Fund, Richard & Rhoda, The (CA)

Grable Foundation (PA)

Graham Foundation for the Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts (IL)

Grant Foundation, William T. (NY)

Grass Foundation, The (MA)

Graustein Memorial Fund, William Casper (CT)

Great Bay Foundation (ME)

Green Mountain Fund, Inc. (VT)

Greene-Sawtell Foundation, The (GA)

Greenville Foundation, The (CA)

Greenwall Foundation, The (NY)

Grotto Foundation, Inc., The (MN)

Guggenheim Foundation, Harry Frank, The (NY)

Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, John Simon (NY)

Gumbiner Foundation, Josephine S. (CA)

Gund Foundation, George, The (OH)

Gunk Foundation, The (NY)


Haas Fund, Walter and Elise (CA)

Hagen Family Foundation (MI)

Halcyon Hill Foundation (NY)

Hall Eye Foundation, James H., The (GA)*

Hall-Voyer Foundation (TX)

Hancock Foundation, Luke B., The (CA)

Hardin Foundation, Phil (MS)

Hartford Courant Foundation, The (CT)

Hartford Foundation, Inc., John A., The (NY)

Hayden Foundation, Charles(NY) *

Haynes Foundation, John Randolph Haynes and Dora, The (CA)

Hazen Foundation, Inc., Edward W.(NY)

Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, The (OH)

Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey (NJ) *

Healthcare Foundation for Orange County (CA)

Hearst Foundations, William Randolph, The (NY)

Heathcote Art Foundation, Inc. (CT)

Heinz Endowments, The (PA)

Heller Foundation, Clarence E. (CA)

Heron Foundation, F. B., The (NY) *

Hershey Foundation, The (OH) *

Hertz Foundation, Fannie and John (CA)

Hewlett Foundation, William and Flora, The (CA) Hilles Fund, Allen (PA)

Hilton Foundation, Conrad N. (CA & NV)

Hoblitzelle Foundation (TX)

Hoglund Foundation, The (TX)

Horizon Foundation (MA)

Hunt Trust, Agnes B. The (GA)

Hunter's Hope Foundation, Inc (NY)

Houston Endowment, Inc. (TX)

Hut Foundation (CA)

Hutton Foundation (CA)

Hyde and Watson Foundation, The (NJ)*


i2 Foundation, The (TX)

"I Have a Dream" Foundation (NY)

Institute of Current World Affairs, Inc. (NY)

Institute of Mental Hygiene of the City of New Orleans (LA)

Institute of Turkish Studies, Inc. (DC)

Irvine Foundation, James, The (CA)

Irvine Health Foundation (CA)

Irwin Foundation (MI)

Ittleson Foundation, Inc. (NY)

Ivey Memorial Foundation, Inc., Caroline Lawson (AL)


Janx Foundation (NJ) *

Jaqua Foundation, The (NJ)*

Jennings Foundation, Martha Holden, The (OH)

Jerome Foundation (MN)

Jewish Foundation for Education of Women (NY) Jewish Healthcare Foundation (PA)

Johnson Foundation, Inc., The (WI)

Johnson Foundation, Helen K. and Arthur E. (CO)

Johnson Foundation, Robert Wood, The (NJ)

Johnson Foundation, Walter S. (CA)

JoMiJo Foundation (CA)

Jones Foundation, Daisy Marquis (NY)

Jones Foundation, Inc., W. Alton (VA)

Joukowsky Family Foundation (NY)

Joyce Foundation, The (IL)


Kaiser Family Foundation, Henry J., The (CA)

Kansas Health Foundation (KS)

Kapor Foundation, Mitchell (CA)

Karma Foundation, The (NJ)

Kauffman Foundation, Ewing Marion (MO)

Kawabe Memorial Fund, The (WA) *

Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc., Calvin K., The (NY)

Keck Foundation, W.M. (CA)

Kellogg Foundation, W.K. (MI)

Kendall Foundation, Henry P. (MA)

Kennedy Jr. Foundation, Joseph P., The (DC)

Kentucky Foundation for Women, Inc. (KY)

Kettering Family Foundation (CO)

Kettering Foundation, Charles F., The (OH)

Kimball Foundation, Sara H. and William R., The (CA)

Kimmel Foundation, Sidney, The (PA)

Kimsey Foundation, The (DC)

King Family Foundation, Inc., Charles and Lucille (NY)

King Foundation, Stephen and Tabitha (NY)

Kirby Foundation, F. M. (NJ)*

Kirkwood Family Foundation, The (CA)

Klingenstein Third Generation

Foundation, The (NY)

Knight Foundation, John S. and James L. (FL)*

Knott Foundation, Marion I. & Henry J. (MD)

Koinonia Foundation (MD)

Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation (WA)

Kopp Family Foundation (MN)

Koret Foundation (CA)

Koussevitzky Music Foundations, The (NY)

Kowal Charitable Foundation, Paul, The (CA)*

Kresge Foundation, The (MI)

Kress Foundation, Samuel H. (NY)

Kronkosky Charitable Foundation (TX)

Kulas Foundation (OH)


Lachman Foundation, Ronald and Mary Ann (IL)

Laird Norton Endowment Foundation (WA)

Lalor Foundation, The (RI)

Langeloth Foundation, Jacob and Valeria (NY)

Lannan Foundation (NM)

LaRue Trust, George A. and Dolly F. (MO)

Lasker Foundation, Inc., Albert & Mary (NY)

Lauder Foundation, Ronald S., The (NY)

LEF Foundation, The (CA)

Leeway Foundation, The (PA)

Leichtman and Arthur E. Levine Family Foundation, Lauren B., The (CA)*

Lemelson Foundation (NV)

Levitt Foundation (NY)*

Lewis Foundation, Cora T., The (GA)

Libra Foundation (ME)

Lifebridge Foundation, Inc., The (NY)

Linden Foundation, The (MA)

Lindsay Trust, Agnes M. (NH)

Lindsay Student Aid Fund, Franklin (TX)

List Foundation, Inc., Albert A. (NY)*

Lloyd Foundation, John M. (CA)

Locke Foundation, John, The (NC)

Longview Foundation (OH)

Loose Trust, Carrie J. (MO)

Loose Trust, Harry Wilson (MO)

Lowe Foundation, Edward, The (MI)

Lucas Educational Foundation, George, The (CA)

Luce Foundation, Inc., Henry, The (NY)

Ludwick Family Foundation (CA)

Lumpkin Foundation, The (IL)

Louis R. Lurie Foundation, The (CA)*

Lyndhurst Foundation (TN)

Lynn Charitable Foundation, Nancy L. (CA)


MacArthur Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. (IL)

MacDonnell Foundation, The (CA)

Maclellan Foundation, Inc., The (TN)

Macy, Jr., Foundation, Josiah (NY)

Maddie's Fund (CA)

Mailman Family Foundation, Inc., A.L. (NY)

Manitou Foundation, Inc. (CO)

Markle Foundation, John and Mary R., The (NY)

MARPAT Foundation (MD) *

Marshall Trust, Harriet McDaniel (GA)

Martin Foundation, Charlotte (WA)

Mason Trust, Carlos and Marguerite (GA)

Matthies Foundation, Katharine, The (CT)

Maxwell Foundation, Edmund F. (WA)

Mayday Fund (NY)

McBeath Foundation, Faye, The (WI)

McCarthy Family Foundation (CA)*

McConnell Clark Foundation, Edna (NY)

McCormick Tribune Foundation, Robert R. (IL)

McCune Charitable Foundation (NM)

McDonnell Foundation, James S. (MO)

McEachern Charitable Trust, D. V. and Ida J. (WA) *

McElroy Trust, R.J. (IA)

McGowan Charitable Fund, William G. (DC)

McGregor Fund (MI)

McInerney Family Foundation, The (NY)

McKee Foundation, Robert E. and Evelyn (TX)

McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience, The (MN)

McKnight Foundation, The (MN)

McLean Contributionship, The (PA)*

Meadows Foundation, Inc. (TX)

Medina Foundation (WA)

Mega Foundation (CT)

Mellinger Educational Foundation, Edward Arthur (IL)

Mellon Foundation, Andrew W., The (NY)

Mellon Foundation, Richard King (PA) *

Merck Genome Research Institute, The (PA)

Merck Family Fund (MA)

Mertz-Gilmore Foundation, Joyce (NY)

Meru Foundation (CA)

MetroWest Community Health Care

Foundation Inc. (MA)

Meyer Foundation, Eugene and Agnes E. (DC)

Meyer Memorial Trust (OR)

Meyers Foundation, Allen H. and Nydia (MI)

Michelson Foundation, The (CA)

Milbank Memorial Fund (NY)

Milken Family Foundation, The (CA)

Miller Foundation, The (MI)

Minnesota Masonic Foundation, Inc. (MN)

Mitchell Foundation, Joan, The (NY)*

Moffitt & L.Q. Moffitt Foundation, L.R. (OH)

Monell Foundation, Ambrose, The (NY)

Moore Foundation, Gordon E. and Betty I. (CA)

Morehead Foundation, John Motley, The (NC)

Morgan Foundation, Burton D., The (OH)

Morino Foundation/Institute (VA)

Mott Foundation, Charles Stewart (MI)

MSMS Foundation (MI)

MSplus Foundation (WA)

Murdock Charitable Trust, M.J. (WA)

Murphy Foundation, John P. (OH) *

Musicians Foundation, Inc. (NY)

Musser Fund (MN)

Mustard Seed Foundation, The (VA)


Nakamichi Foundation, E. (CA)

National Academy of Education, The (NY)

National Association of Chain Drug Stores Education Foundation, Inc. (VA)

National Video Resources, Inc. (NY)

Needmor Fund, The (CO) *

Nemours Foundation, The (FL)

New England Biolabs Foundation (MA)

New York Foundation (NY)

New York Foundation for Architecture, Inc. (NY)

Newman's Own (CT)

Noble Foundation, Samuel Roberts, The (OK)

Nokomis Foundation, The (MI)

Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. (NY)

Nord Family Foundation (OH)

Norman Foundation (NY)

Norris Foundation, Kenneth T. and Eileen L., The (CA)

Northwest Area Foundation (MN)

Northwest Fund for the Environment (WA)

Northwest Health Foundation (OR)

Noyce Foundation, The (CA)

Noyes Foundation, Inc., Jessie Smith (NY)


Olin Foundation Inc., John M. (NY)

Onan Family Foundation (MN)

O'Neill Foundation, William J. and Dorothy K., The (OH)

Open Society Institute (NY)

Ottinger Foundation, The (MA)


Pacific Northwest Foundation (OR)

Pacific Pioneer Fund (CA)

Packard Foundation, David and Lucile, The (CA)

PADI Foundation (CA)

Parker Foundation (VA)

Patrina Foundation (NY)

Patterson Foundation, Alicia (DC)

Pegasus Foundation (MA)

Penn Foundation, William, The (PA)

Pew Charitable Trusts, The (PA)

Pfeiffer Research Foundation, Gustavus and Louise (NJ) *

Phillips Foundation, Ellis L. (MA)

Phillips Foundation, Louie M. & Betty M. (TN)

Pickett & Hatcher Educational Fund, Inc. (GA)

Pinkerton Foundation (NY) *

Piper Charitable Trust, Virginia G., The (AZ)

Piton Foundation, The (CO)

Pitts Foundation, William I. H. and Lula E. (GA)

Plan for Social Excellence, Inc. (NY)

Pohlad Family Faoundation, Carl and Eloise (MN)

Polinger Family Foundation, Howard

and Geraldine, The (MD)

Polk Bros. Foundation (IL)

Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc., The (NY)

Porter Foundation, Irwin Andrew (MI)

Portsmouth General Hospital Foundation (VA)

Pottruck-Scott Foundation (CA)

Poudre Valley Hospital Foundation (CO)

Prospect Hill Foundation, The (NY) *

Public Domain Foundation (VT)

Public Welfare Foundation, Inc. (DC)

Puffin Foundation, Ltd., The (NJ)


Quigley Foundation, Cyrus M., The (CT)*


Radford Foundation, The (CA)

Rapoport Foundation, Bernard and Audre (TX)

Rapoport Foundation, Paul, The (NY) *

Raskob Foundation, Inc., Bill, The (MD)

Ratshesky Foundation, A.C. (MA)

Reese Health Trust, Michael (IL) *

Reinhold Foundation, Inc., Paul E. & Klare N. (FL)

Research Corporation (AZ)

Retirement Research Foundation (IL)

Reuter Foundation (OH)

Reynolds Charitable Trust, Kate B. (NC)

Reynolds Foundation, Donald W. (OK)

Reynolds Foundation, Inc., Z. Smith (NC)

RGK Foundation (TX)

Rich Memorial Fund, Walter H. and Marjory M., The (GA)

Richards Foundation, The (GA)

Richardson Foundation, Sid W. (TX)

Richardson Foundation, Inc., Smith (CT)

Riordan Foundation, The (CA)

Rippel Foundation, Fannie E. (NJ) *

Roberts Foundation, The (CA)

Robins Foundation (VA)

Robinson Foundation, David, The (TX)

Rockefeller Brothers Fund (NY)

Rockefeller Foundation, The (NY)

Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (AR)

Rockwell Fund (TX)

Rosenberg Foundation (CA)

Rosenberg Foundation, Henry and Ruth Blaustein (MD) *

Rosenberg Foundation, Sunny & Abe, The (NY)

Rothschild Foundation, Judith, The (NY) *

Rubin Foundation, Shelley and Donald, The (NY)

Rudder Foundation, Inc., The (KY)

Rural Kentucky Medical Scholarship Fund (KY)

Russell Family Foundation (WA)

Ryan Trust, Ida Alice (GA)


Sachs Foundation (CO)

Sage Foundation, Russell (NY)

Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston (MA)

Salomon Family Foundation, Inc. (NY) *

Sasakawa Peace Foundation, The (DC)

Samuels Foundation, Inc., Fan Fox and Leslie R., The (NY)

Scaife Foundation, Inc., Sarah (PA)

Scaife Family Foundation (PA)

Schalkenbach Foundation, Robert (NY)

Scherer Foundation, Karla, The (IL)

Schneider Foundation, Eulalie Bloedel, The (WA) *

Scholarships Foundation, The (NY) *

Schott Foundation, Caroline & Sigmund

Schultz Foundation, Arthur B., The (NY)

Schumann Fund for New Jersey, The (NJ)*

Schusterman Family Foundation, Charles and Lynn (OK)

Schwab Family Foundation, Helen and Charles (CA)

Schwab Foundation for Learning (CA)

Self Family Foundation, The (SC)

Shared Earth Foundation (MD)

Siebert Lutheran Foundation (WI)

Sierra Health Foundation (CA)

Simon Foundation, Inc., William E. (NJ)

Singer Foundation, Harry, The (CA)

Siragusa Foundation, The (IL)

Skillman Foundation, The (MI)

Sloan Foundation, Alfred P. (NY)

Smithers Foundation, Inc., Christopher D., The (NY)

Snyder Foundation for Animals, William, The (MD)

Sobrato Family Foundation (CA)

Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (PA)

Sonoma Wings Foundation (CA)

Sopehr, Helen D. and Edgar E. Clark Foundation, The (VT)

Soros Fellowships for New Americans, Paul & Daisy, The (NY)

Soros Foundations Network (NY)

Spencer Foundation, The (IL)

Stanley Foundation, The (IA)

Starr Foundation (NY) *

Staunton Farm Foundation (PA)

Steiner Foundation, Rudolph (PA)

Stern Family Fund (VA)

Stocker Foundation, The (OH)

Stuart Foundation, The (CA)

Sudbury Foundation, The (MA)

Summerlee Foundation (TX)

Surdna Foundation, Inc. (NY)

Swalm Foundation (TX)

Swinney Trust, Edward F.


Templeton Foundation, John (PA)

Tiffany & Co. Foundation, The (NY)

Tinker Foundation, Inc., The (NY) *

TKF Foundation (MD)

Tobias Foundation, Inc., Randall L. (IN)

Tocker Foundation (TX)

Together Foundation (NY)

Trellis Fund, The (DC) *

Tremaine Foundation, Inc., Emily Hall (CT)

TriMix Foundation (RI)

Trull Foundation, The (TX)

Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation (AZ)

Turner Foundation, Inc. (GA)

Turrell Fund (NJ)*

Tuttle Fund, Isaac H. (NY)


United States-Japan Foundation (NY)

Until There's A Cure Foundation (CA)

Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, W.E. (MI)


Valentine Foundation (PA)

Valley Foundation, The (CA)

van Ameringen Foundation, Inc. (NY)*

Varsavsky Foundation, The (NY)

Vetlesen Foundation, G. Unger, The (NY)

Virginia Environmental Endowment (VA)

Virginia Environmental Research Endowment (VA)

VNA Foundation (IL)

Vogler Foundation, Inc., Laura B., The (NY) *

Von Liebig Foundation, Inc., William J., The (FL)


Wagnalls Memorial Foundation (OH)

Waitt Family Foundation (SD)

Wallace Global Fund (DC)

Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds (NY)

Walton Family Foundation, Inc. (AR)

Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Andy, The (NY)

Warner Foundation (NC)

Warren Memorial Foundation (ME)

Washington Research Foundation (WA)

Washington Square Health Foundation, Inc. (IL)

Watson Foundation, Thomas J., The (RI)

Weaver Foundation (NC)

W.E.D. Educational Fund (VA)

Weeden Foundation (NY)

Weill Foundation for Music, Inc., Kurt (NY)

Weingart Foundation (CA)

Welborn Foundation (IN)

Welch Foundation, Robert A., The (TX)

Wellmark Foundation (IA)

Wender-Weis Foundation for Children Wenner-Gren Foundation for

Anthropological Research, Inc. (NY)

Whitaker Foundation, The (VA)

White Foundation, Ryan, The (IN)

Whitehall Foundation, Inc. (FL)

Whitney Foundation, Helen Hay (NY)

Wilburforce Foundation, The (WA)

Wilkins Foundation, Catherine Holmes (WA) *

Wilkins Family Foundation (KS), The*

Willary Foundation (PA)

Windham Foundation, Inc., The (VT)

Winston Foundation for World Peace, The (DC)

Wolf Aviation Fund, The (PA)

Wood Family Foundation, The (WA) *

Jeffris Wood Foundation (WA)*

Woodruff Foundation, Inc., Robert W. (GA)

Woods Charitable Fund, Inc. (NE)

David, Helen, and Marian Woodward Fund-Atlanta (GA)

Wright Foundation, Frank Lloyd, The (AZ)


Xeric Foundation, The (MA)


There are no foundations at this time


There are no foundations at this time